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Table of Indian and Pakistani Nuclear Tests, 1974-2002
India | Pakistan


May 18, 1974
27.095 N 71.752 E
2-5 kt
May 11, 1998
27.102 N 71.857 E
12 kt*
May 11, 1998
? *
May 13, 1998
? **
Local time is 5 and one-half hours later than GMT

* The Indian government announced that three nuclear devices were detonated simultaneously in two shafts, about one kilometer apart. We count this as two tests.

** Seismic records do not discriminate the explosions of two devices (announced by Indian scientists as being 0.2 kt and 0.6 kt), one or both of which may not have detonated.


May 28, 1998
28.862 N 64.818 E
9-12 kt#
May 30, 1998
28.487 N 63:787 E
5 kt
Local time is 5 hours later than GMT

# Pakistani officials announced that five nuclear devices were tested. Seismic records do not discriminate these and possibly only one device was detonated.

last revised 11.25.02

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