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Archive of Nuclear Data
From NRDC's Nuclear Program

About NRDC's Nuclear Data

The links below are to NRDC data dealing with nuclear stockpiles, materials, and forces. Notes of explanation follow many of the tables.

Tables and Figures


US Nuclear Weapons Stockpile, 2002
US Nuclear Warheads, 1945-2002
US Nuclear Weapons Stockpile, 1945-2002
Russian Nuclear Weapons Stockpile, 2002
USSR/Russian Nuclear Warheads, 1949-2002
USSR/Russian Nuclear Weapons Stockpile, 1949-2002
US and USSR/Russian Nuclear Weapons Stockpile, 1945-2002
Global Nuclear Weapons Stockpiles, 1945-2002
British Nuclear Forces, 2002
French Nuclear Forces, 2002
Chinese Nuclear Forces, 2002
Indian Nuclear Forces, 2002
Pakistan Nuclear Forces, 2002


US Strategic Nuclear Forces, 2002
Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces, 2002

Force Loadings
US Strategic Offensive Force Loadings, 1945-2012
USSR/Russian Strategic Offensive Force Loadings, 1956-2002
US and USSR/Russian Total Strategic Launchers (Force Loadings), 1945-2002
US and USSR/Russian Total Strategic Warheads (Force Loadings), 1945-2002

Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Forces
US ICBM Forces, 1959-2012
USSR/Russian ICBM Forces, 1960-2002
US and USSR/Russian ICBM Launchers, 1959-2002
US and USSR/Russian ICBM Warheads (Force Loadings), 1959-2002

Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile Forces
US Ballistic Missile Submarine Forces, 1960-2012
USSR/Russian Ballistic Missile Submarine Forces, 1958-2002
US and USSR/Russian SLBM Launchers, 1958-2002
US and USSR/Russian SLBM Warheads (Force Loadings), 1958-2002

Strategic Bomber Forces
US Strategic Bomber Forces, 1945-2012
USSR/Russian Strategic Bomber Forces, 1956-2002
US and USSR/Russian Strategic Bombers, 1945-2002
US and USSR/Russian Strategic Bomber Weapons, 1945-2002


Known Nuclear Tests Worldwide, 1945-2002
Indian and Pakistan Nuclear Tests, 1945-2002

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