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The Internet and the Bomb:
A Research Guide to Policy and Information about Nuclear Weapons

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Nuclear Weapons Contractors

Hundreds of companies, large and small, are involved in nuclear weapons research, development, production and support. Each DOE facility is managed and operated by a corporate contractor. And nuclear weapons components and delivery systems are manufactured by hundreds of prime and subcontractors. The defense and aerospace industry is going through a series of consolidations and mergers which is having a major impact on defense contractors. In addition, many of the traditional DOE nuclear contractors (e.g., EG&G) who have operated portions of the nuclear weapons production complex have changed in recent years.

Quick Guide to Defense Industry Consolidation

1992 Hughes Missiles System acquires General Dynamics missile business ($450 million)
Mar 1993 Lockheed acquires General Dynamics military aircraft business ($1.52 billion)
Apr 1993 Martin Marietta acquires General Electric Companies aerospace assets ($3.05 billion)
Dec 1993 Loral acquires IBM's federal systems division ($1.57 billion)
May 1994 Northrop acquires Grumman ($2.17 billion)
Dec 1994 Martin Marietta merges with Lockheed ($10 billion)
Apr 1995 Raytheon acquires E-Systems ($2.3 billion)
Mar 1996 Northrop Grumman acquires the defense electronics assets of Westinghouse Electric ($3.2 billion)
Apr 1996 Lockheed Martin acquires most of Loral ($9 billion)
Dec 1996 Boeing acquires the defense businesses of Rockwell International ($3.2 billion)
Nov 1996 General Dynamics to acquire Lockheed Martin Defense Systems (combat vehicles) and Lockheed Martin Armament Systems (gun systems) ($450 million)
Dec 1996 Boeing and McDonnell Douglas agree to merge ($13.3 billion)
Jan 1997 Raytheon completes its buyout of Texas Instruments' Defense Systems and Electronics Group ($2.95 billion). Raytheon and Hughes Electronics' defense business (Hughes Aircraft) to merge ($9.5 Billion)

MX and Minuteman rocket motors.

Battelle National Security Division

Bechtel Hanford, Inc. (A division of Bechtel National, Inc.)
The environmental restoration contractor at Hanford. A major focus of the program is protecting the Columbia River by cleaning contamination in Hanford's 100 Area, an approximate 20-mile stretch of land along the river, where nine nuclear reactors operated from World War II through the late 1980's.

Bechtel Nevada
Operators of the DOE Nevada Test Site.

Prime contractor on the B-1B, B-52, Minuteman missile and ALCM. On 15 December 1996, announcement was made that an agreement had been reached to merge McDonnell Douglas with Boeing. Earlier in 1996, Boeing had bought the Aerospace & Defense division from Rockwell, the original prime contractor of the B-1B.
Boeing Defense and Space Group

A former major DOE contractor that traces its roots to the Manhatttan Project. Its history page recounts its involvement at http://www.egginc.com/bin/webmate/egg/form/egg/index.

Fluor Daniel Hanford

General Dynamics Electric Boat Division
Maker of the Trident (Ohio class) submarine.

General Electric Corporation
Makers of aircraft engines for the B-1B, B-2, F-16 and F-117.

Hughes Missile Systems Company
Makers of the Tomahawk SLCM and the ACM. A subsidiary of General Motors. The defense operations of Hughes Electronics (Hughes Aircraft) are to merge with Raytheon and become Raytheon Hughes Systems.

Kaman Sciences Corporation
Major DOD nuclear weapons consultant.

Lockheed Martin Corporation
On 15 March 1995 the Lockheed Corporation merged with Martin Marietta forming Lockheed Martin. Today, it is the largest Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear weapons contractor, managing the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Y-12 Plant, and K-25 Site; Sandia National Laboratories; the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory and the Pinellas Plant in Florida. Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems, Fort Worth, Texas, produces the F-16 fighter, and has a one-third share of F-22 engineering and manufacturing development.

Lockheed Martin Energy Systems
Operators of the Sandia Laboratories, INEEL, Oak Ridge Y-12 and K-25, and ORNL.

Lockheed Marine Missiles and Space
Makers of Trident SLBMs for the Navy.

Lockheed "Skunk Works"
Developers of the U-2, SR-71 and F-117 aircraft.

Mason & Hanger-Silas Mason Company
Operators of the Pantex Plant.

To merge with Boeing. Makers of the F-15E aircraft.

Northrop-Grumman Corporation

Northrop-Grumman B-2 Web Site

Pratt & Whitney
Makers of F-15E and F-16 aircraft engines.

Rand Corporation
The original think tank, with extensive resources relating to its organization, history, and studies.

Rand Reports Database
Includes a searchable bibliography of unrestricted RAND reports.

Makers of nuclear weapons-related radars and early warning devices (e.g., PAVE PAWS, BMEWS, Cobra Dane, Cobra Judy). On 6 January 1997, Raytheon announced a buyout of Texas Instruments' Defense Systems and Electronics Group. On 16 January 1997, Ratheon announced that it would buy Hughes Electronics Corporation defense operations (Hughes Aircraft) from General Motors.

Rockwell International (B-1B, Minuteman)
Rockwell sold its Aerospace & Defense to Boeing in 1996.

Major DOD and DOE nuclear weapons consultant and contractor.

Makers of MX and Minuteman III rocket moters. The homepage has an excellent primer on solid rocket motors at http://www.RocketBasics/RocketBasics.htm.

University of California (DOE Labs)

Makers of submarine nuclear reactors and DOE Hanford contractor.

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