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Grim Blueprints
Snapshots from the U.S. Playbook for Nuclear Attack

Under the top-secret American nuclear war plan known as SIOP -- the Single Integrated Operational Plan -- thousands of warheads are trained on Russian targets at all times. The U.S. nuclear arsenal is vast and redundant; even a fraction of our current nuclear forces would be sufficient to cripple Russian nuclear defenses and kill tens of millions of Russians.

The following diagrams, maps and charts -- produced by NRDC's nuclear war plans project -- offer a snapshot of what a U.S. nuclear attack on Russia would look like, with target locations, fallout clouds, and fatalities. They demonstrate just how few weapons are needed to ensure the destruction of Russia in a nuclear crisis, and show that common sense demands the abolition of SIOP in favor of a "saner" plan that rests on different assumptions, with far fewer warheads.

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