Reference/Links: Global Warming

Better World Club - The first U.S. travel service to help offset the greenhouse gas pollution associated with travel by investing part of your travel dollars in projects that save energy and cut global warming pollution. Better World also offers emergency roadside assistance and insurance.

Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center - From the U.S. Department of Energy, this site offers an abundance of information for people concerned with the greenhouse effect and global climate change.

Climate Neutral Network - A coalition that works to develop a competitive marketplace for products and services that have little or no effect on the Earth's climate.

Eco - The Climate Action Network Online - Newsletter published at the U.N. Climate Talks by a worldwide network of nongovernmental organizations working on strategies to combat climate change.

The Effects of Global Warming - A Time magazine feature reinforcing what we've been saying about global warming with some scary statistics about melting glaciers, heavy rains and record-breaking heat waves. Includes an interactive house that shows simple ways you can help combat global warming.

Energy Innovations - A report by a coalition of energy specialists (including NRDC) illustrating how innovative energy solutions can provide a prosperous path to a clean environment.

EPA's Global Warming Site - This site is full of facts and easy to navigate

Global Warming Central - From Pace University's energy project, this is the place to go for access to in-depth documents -- technical and political, national and international. Including expert opinions, discussion groups and "The Great Global Warming Debate."

Global Warming Hotspots Map - A startling illustration of the local consequences of this global problem.

GOES Satellite Imaging Technology - This site offers advanced satellite imagery of the earth's surface, wind, and water patterns.

Green Playbook - This online tool offers tips, tools and strategies to help local governments take immediate action on climate change by rapidly advancing green buildings, neighborhoods and infrastructure.

The Heat is Online - Based on the book by Ross Gelbspan which exposes the global warming disinformation campaign waged by the fossil fuel industry.

Hot Times in Alaska - This "Scientific American Frontiers" episode, available online, focuses on how changes happening now in Alaska could be used to predict how warmer weather will affect the rest of the world.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - The international scientific body providing the definitive assessment of the causes and predicted consequences of global warming.

NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies - A research institute primarily engaged in studies of global climate change. Includes spotlights on recent research, newsworthy items, and educational materials.

Sierra Club Global Warming Site - Easy to read and easy to navigate, this special web section can walk you through the basics of global warming -- what it is, what's at stake and what we can do about it.

Stop Global Warming: Virtual March on Washington - Sign up to participate in the Virtual March, a year-long, bi-partisan effort to raise awareness of global warming.

The Transatlantic Platform for Action on the Global Environment - T-PAGE, a joint initiative between NRDC and the Institute for European Environmental Policy, is a forum for U.S. and E.U. environmental leaders to debate critical environmental issues, identify areas for future collaboration, and inform policy makers on both sides of the Atlantic. The project focuses on climate change and energy and marine protected areas.

Union of Concerned Scientists - This nonprofit is at the forefront of global warming science and policy study, and their website shows it.

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - Features a useful guide to the climate change negotiation process.

U.S. Global Change Research Information Office - Provides access to climate change data, technical documents and educational resources, including a reference service called "Ask Dr. Global Change."

U.S. National Assessment - Initiated by the United States Global Change Research Program to analyze and evaluate the potential consequences of climate variability and change for the nation.

What's Up with the Weather? - NOVA and Frontline examine the causes of global warming and what can be done to prevent it.
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