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NRDC Praises New Ozone Health Proposals, Urges Safest Standards to Protect the Public
WASHINGTON (November 26, 2014)—The Environmental Protection Agency today moved to improve public health protections against smog, declaring as unsafe the pollution standards that have been in place since 2008. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said she would recommend a reduction in the level of allowable ozone in the atmosphere from the current 75 parts per billion to between 65 ppb and 70 ppb.

REPORT: EPA Can Quickly Cut Dangerous Methane Pollution from Oil and Gas Industry in Half
WASHINGTON (November 20, 2014) — A new report from leading climate advocates today shows how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can cut climate warming methane pollution in half, while dramatically reducing harmful, wasteful air pollution from the oil and gas industry at the same time, by issuing federal standards for methane pollution based on available, low-cost technologies and practices.

House GOP Continues Its Anti-Science Campaign
WASHINGTON (November 19, 2014)—House Republicans continued their attack on science-based protections for public health and the environment today, passing on a largely party-line vote a bill that would bar the Environmental Protection Agency from using certain peer-reviewed health research when developing standards to protect public health.

Climate Leaders’ Bill Could Complement Ongoing EPA Climate Action
WASHINGTON (November 19, 2014) – Senators Sheldon Whitehouse  (D-Rhode Island) and Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) introduced legislation today aiming to put Congress on record for taking decisive action against the growing threat climate change poses to our children and future generations.

EPA's Plan to Curb Carbon Pollution Can Save Billions, NRDC Finds
WASHINGTON (November 19, 2014) – The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to curb carbon pollution from  power plants overestimates the electric power industry’s compliance costs by as much as $9 billion, according to a Natural Resources Defense Council report. Using current  data, the report shows, the power sector and its customers could actually save nearly $2 billion in 2020 while meeting the EPA’s carbon reduction targets.

Senate Rejects Bid to Force Approval of Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline
WASHINGTON (November 18, 2014) – Despite strong lobbying by oil-industry allies, the U.S. Senate tonight defeated an effort to approve the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

Feds Protect Vast Majority of George Washington National Forest from Oil & Gas Development
WASHINGTON (November 18, 2014) —The U.S. Forest Service today released a management plan that protects the vast majority of Virginia’s George Washington National Forest from oil and gas development.

NRDC: Clean Water Proposal Will Help Families, Homeowners Get Safe Drinking Water
WASHINGTON (November 17, 2014)—A proposed new clean water rule will help ensure Americans have safe drinking water by closing a critical gap in the country’s pollution laws, the Natural Resources Defense Council said.

Coalition Releases Comprehensive Recommendations to Help California’s Cities, Farms and Environment Weather the Drought
SAN FRANCISCO (November 17, 2014) — As dreams of a wet, El Niño winter fade and California heads into a possible fourth consecutive year of drought, a coalition of 15 environmental, fishing and public policy organizations released a set of recommended actions to modernize California’s water system and respond to the drought.

NRDC: U.S. Investment in Green Climate Fund Displays Serious Commitment to Curbing Climate Change
WASHINGTON (November 14, 2014) – The Obama Administration will soon formally pledge $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund, which will help create clean energy jobs and help head off the worst impacts of climate change in America and around the world.

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