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Kari Birdseye
California advocacy and California climate change policy, natural climate solutions

Jesús Canchola Sánchez
Midwestern regional issues

Emily Deanne
Energy efficiency and decarbonization, buildings, food and agriculture

Mark Drajem
Power sector, transportation and vehicles, renewable energy, nuclear power

Janet Fang
+86 10 5927 0688
China-based climate, energy and wildlife

Anne Hawke
International issues, green finance, climate adaptation, LNG, air policy

Margie Kelly
Water, Canada, toxics

Ivan Moreno
Environmental justice and Chicago-based environmental issues

Ben Schaefer 
Industrial and emerging energy policy, hydrogen, energy transmission/RTOs, renewables and siting

Andrew Scibetta
Lands, oceans, wildlife

Jake Thompson
Western regional issues

Rita Yelda
Eastern regional issues

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U.S. and Kenya Partner on Climate and International Financial Reform 

Press ReleaseWashington, D.C.
WASHINGTON — President Biden today hosted President Ruto of Kenya for a State Visit to announce strengthened commitments and cooperation on climate, debt reform and other priority issues. President Ruto is elevating the leadership from both Kenya as well as…

PJM Interconnection Action: Steps Forward, Miles to Go

Press ReleaseUnited States
This week PJM, the grid operator for 13 states, announced the advancement of more than 300 interconnection projects under phase 1 of its new interconnection process, created in 2022.

FERC Transmission Rule Charts the Course for Cleaner, More Reliable Grid  

Press ReleaseUnited States
Today the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) announced its long-awaited regional transmission rule, setting standards for the planning and development of new transmission lines that can improve reliability and affordability by bringing significant new energy resources online. 

Nick Offerman & Friends Host Comedy Event Supporting NRDC

Press ReleaseLos Angeles
LOS ANGELES – Last night, Nick Offerman hosted a charity comedy show as part of Netflix’s second annual “Netflix is a Joke Fest” to support NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), a leading international environmental nonprofit organization. 

U.S. and China Agree to Step Up Action for Climate

Press ReleaseInternational, United States
WASHINGTON - The United States and China have come to agreement, after extensive dialogue, on how to collectively meet major climate targets in the coming decades.

Colorado Sets National Example by Restoring Wetlands Protections

Press ReleaseDenver
The Colorado General Assembly has demonstrated national leadership by being the first state in the nation to pass legislation restoring protections for tens of thousands of acres of wetlands and streams that were put at risk after a Supreme Court…

Colorado Reducing Housing Costs by Removing Parking Mandates

Press ReleaseUnited States
DENVER – Colorado lawmakers passed important legislation today that will reduce the cost of housing, expand housing options near transit, curb urban sprawl, and encourage more sustainable transportation options. Passage of HB-1304 Minimum Parking Requirements removes minimum parking requirements for…

Colorado Must Pass Transit Services Bill

Press ReleaseUnited States
A crucial bill has been introduced in the Colorado Legislature establishing millions of dollars in annual funding to improve transit service such as more frequent buses and trains in Colorado, which would cut pollution and expand transportation options. SB24-230 would…

Senate Agriculture Releases Farm Bill Proposal

Press Release
WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 1, 2024) – Chairwoman Stabenow of the Senate Agriculture Committee released a Farm Bill proposal today that includes protections for Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) climate provisions and conservation programs.

Governors Island Arts and NRDC Present Jenny Kendler: Other of Pearl

Press ReleaseNew York City
NEW YORK – Governors Island Arts and NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) today announced a partnership to present Other of Pearl, a site-specific public art exhibition by Jenny Kendler telling the story of our planet’s changing climate.

NEPA Restoration Puts Environmental Review Back on Track

Press ReleaseWashington, D.C.
WASHINGTON – Today the Biden administration issued a revised rule implementing the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA,) the landmark 1970 law that guides federal agencies in the review of major projects and decision-making.

DOE Finalizes Efficiency Standards for Water Heaters

Press Release
WASHINGTON, D.C.– The U.S. Department of Energy finalized efficiency standards for residential water heaters today which will result in $124 billion in consumer savings and prevent over 332 million metric tons of carbon emissions over 30 years, equivalent to the…

EPA Boosts Toxic Air Pollution Safeguards at Coal Plants

Press ReleaseWashington, D.C.
WASHINGTON – The Biden administration today announced important new technology updates to the Environmental Protection Agency's Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) for power plants that burn coal and oil, strengthening the limit on toxic particulate matter for all plants and mercury standards…

NRDC: EPA Issues Power Plant Standards

Press ReleaseUnited States
WASHINGTON – The Biden administration’s Environmental Protection Agency released new pollution standards for power plants, addressing one of the largest sources of carbon, air and water pollution in the nation. These four separate EPA rules cover: carbon emissions, toxic air…

NRDC Joins White House Freshwater Restoration Challenge  

Press ReleaseUnited States
WASHINGTON — NRDC joined the White House’s new Freshwater Challenge—a collaborative initiative with states, tribes, business interests, and non-governmental organizations to conserve and restore America’s rivers, lakes, streams, and wetlands.

EPA Issues Awards for “Solar for All” Program

Press ReleaseWashington, D.C.
WASHINGTON – The Biden Administration today announced award winners for a grant competition it held last year for Solar for All, a $7 billion program within the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to deploy residential and community solar, integrated storage and cover related…