Extreme weather caused by climate change is already harming people around the world.

NRDC tackles this challenge at its root cause: pollution from burning fossil fuels. But even as we push for pollution limits and a conversion to clean energy, we help global communities prepare for an already changing climate. We advocate for water-saving strategies, flood controls, and other solutions that prepare cities for extreme weather. We urge government agencies to consider climate change in long-term planning, and we design programs that help communities respond to climate-related health risks.

What We're Doing

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California is facing its worst drought in 1,200 years—and this might be the new normal. We're helping it and other states prepare for a dry future.

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As long droughts become more and more common, we're pushing farmers to embrace sustainable practices that increase soil health and use water more efficiently.

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We help cities jump the financial hurdles of green infrastructure projects.

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Our experts draw attention to the climate-change reality of storms, floods, heat waves, and drought—and push state and local officials to prepare for potential impacts.

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Climate change is bringing on more floods across the country. We're making sure people are prepared and pushing for infrastructure changes to protect drinking-water facilities, wastewater-treatment plants, and stormwater systems.

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