Oceans help feed the world, provide a living for millions of people, and are home to most of the life on the planet.

NRDC works to protect our seas from pollution and exploitation. We help implement laws that allow overfished species to rebound, and we fight to protect coastal communities from offshore drilling. We work to ban destructive fishing practices, conserve ocean treasures, and improve stewardship of the world’s shared oceans, which generate trillions of dollars in economic activity.

Our Priorities

Ocean Protection

Half the oxygen we breathe comes from oceans.

Ocean Threats

Up to 80 percent of all life on earth is found in the ocean.

Sustainable Fishing

Populations of tuna, swordfish, and other large species have fallen by 90 percent.

Ocean Noise

The amount of noise in the ocean has doubled each decade since the 1950s.

What's at Stake

  • The underwater racket caused by human activities is destroying marine life

  • How carbon pollution is wreaking havoc on marine life

What you can do

Watch Sonic Sea

Premiering May 19 on the Discovery Channel, our new documentary shines light on how the underwater racket caused by human activities is wreaking havoc on whales and other marine mammals.

Tell President Obama to permanently protect the Arctic from oil drilling

10 ways you can help keep plastic out of the ocean

Learn what ocean acidification is and how you can help stop it