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2013 Press Releases

12/23/2013 - Court Requires California to Set Final Drinking Water Standard for Hexavalent Chromium by June 2014

12/23/2013 - Energy Use of Cable, Satellite and Telephone Set-Top Boxes to Be Slashed, Saving Consumers $1 Billion Annually

12/23/2013 - Rio Tinto Says It May Divest from Pebble Mine Project in Alaska’s Bristol Bay

12/19/2013 - Governor Snyder Leads the Way on Energy Efficiency and Renewables in Michigan

12/18/2013 - Senate Budget Approval Good for Americans’ Health and Our Environment

12/17/2013 - Interior Must End the Taxpayer Give-away to Oil and Gas Industries

12/17/2013 - NYC to Address Rampant Mold and Moisture Problems in Public Housing Following NRDC Lawsuit

12/16/2013 - NRDC: Dangerous Chemical in Soaps and Toothpaste Facing Closer Scrutiny

12/12/2013 - House Budget Vote Good News for Public Health, Environment

12/12/2013 - NRDC: 2013 Progress Sets Stage for Clean Energy and U.S. Action on Climate Change in Coming Year

12/11/2013 - FDA’s New Antibiotics Policy Fails to Protect Health

12/10/2013 - NRDC: Budget Agreement Would Better Safeguard Our Environment, National Parks and Modernize Public Water Facilities

12/10/2013 - NRDC: Boxer Should End Support for Anti-Environment Provisions of Water Bill

12/10/2013 - NRDC: Blockbuster Clean Air Cases Can Protect Americans’ Health, Save Tens of Thousands of Lives

12/6/2013 - New Federal Rule on Eagles and Wind Turbines Sets False Choice on Conservation

12/5/2013 - NRDC power plant proposal cuts carbon pollution at low cost with major benefits

12/5/2013 - Polar Bear Hunting on Rise Despite Species’ Decline

12/3/2013 - New Study Shows We Must Act Now on Climate Change

12/3/2013 - Nancy Sutley Leaves Important Legacy

12/3/2013 - Maine Craft Beer Makers Brewing Up Support for Clean Water

11/23/2013 - NRDC: World Leaders Should Take Action Now Against Climate Change

11/22/2013 - NRDC Lawsuit forces FDA to Take Action on Dangerous Chemical in Soaps

11/21/2013 - Governor Brown Announces New Standards to Reduce Toxic Chemicals in Furniture

11/21/2013 - NRDC: Reckless Energy Bills Would Let Oil and Gas Industry Write the Rules

11/20/2013 - New Sustainability Standard: Studio Gang Architects Completes Natural Resources Defense Council Office in Chicago

11/20/2013 - NRDC, Department of Defense Develop Renewable Energy Siting Primer

11/20/2013 - NRDC: Nation’s Utility Commissioners United on Power Plant Carbon Pollution

11/14/2013 - Beinecke to Retire as NRDC President at the End of 2014

11/14/2013 - Charge Ahead California Launches Campaign

11/13/2013 - Whitfield/Manchin Bill Would Block EPA Safeguards Against Carbon Pollution

11/12/2013 - NRDC: Americans in Arkansas, Illinois, Louisiana and New Hampshire Back New Limits on Power Plant Carbon Pollution

11/8/2013 - Dan Utech’s Well-Suited for the Big Job Ahead

11/7/2013 - Court Ruling in NRDC’s Favor Should Limit Pesticide Nanosilver in Textiles

11/1/2013 - Obama Issues Timely Call for Action

10/31/2013 - NRDC Seconds Jewell’s Call for More Resources for Public Lands

10/31/2013 - Markey Legislation Tackles Climate Change, Clean Energy

10/30/2013 - NRDC Light Bulb Guide Updated in Time for Sunday’s Start of “Lighting Season”

10/29/2013 - PROTECTION FOR POLLINATORS: Conservation Groups and Scientists Push USDA to Save Wild Bumble Bees

10/29/2013 - Udall Legislation Good Foundation for More Renewable Energy

10/28/2013 - Marfa Dialogues / New York & NRDC Announce Maya Lin and Frances Beinecke in Conversation

10/28/2013 - NRDC: Misguided Attempt to Handcuff EPA Puts Children’s Health At Risk

10/28/2013 - NRDC: Historic Plan Shows Pacific Coast Not Waiting to Tackle Climate Change

10/28/2013 - NRDC Statement: A Year After Sandy, We Must Strengthen Our Communities

10/24/2013 - Missed Opportunity at International Talks on Dangerous HFCs

10/24/2013 - New Report Shows Wildfire Smoke Poses Health Risk to Millions of Americans Many Miles from the Blazes

10/23/2013 - NRDC: House Undermines Bedrock Environmental Safeguards

10/22/2013 - NRDC: Park Service Helps Ensure Cleaner, Quieter Yellowstone National Park

10/21/2013 - New NRDC Crowdfunding Campaign to Connect Schools to Solar Power

10/18/2013 - Petcoke Problems: Tar Sands Waste Piling Up On Chicago’s Southeast Side

10/17/2013 - New Poll Shows Americans Strongly Opposed EPA Shutdown, Look Unfavorably on Those Who Put Our Health and Environment at Risk

10/15/2013 - Supreme Court Reaffirms EPA Authority to Limit Carbon Pollution

10/15/2013 - Lisa Benenson Joins NRDC as Chief Communications Officer

10/11/2013 - What Happened to Canada?

10/8/2013 - New Report: America’s Energy Productivity and Security Has Never Been Better

10/7/2013 - NRDC Statement on Departure of Heather Zichal

10/2/2013 - New NRDC Report Finds Progress on Promises made at Rio+20, But Calls for More Accountability

9/27/2013 - NRDC: Latest Science Makes Clear We Must Cut Carbon Pollution Now

9/26/2013 - Court finds Feds violated Endangered Species Act

9/26/2013 - NRDC: US Must Cut Carbon from Power Plants to Hit Greenhouse Gas Target

9/25/2013 - NRDC Calls for Clean Debt Bill

9/24/2013 - NRDC Launches Ads Urging Americans to Support EPA Action on Climate Change

9/23/2013 - Dead Zone Decision: Court Ruling Forces EPA Action on Mississippi River Pollution

9/23/2013 - NRDC: Governor Brown Signs Compromised Fracking Bill, Vowing to Fix it

9/20/2013 - EPA Takes Critical Step in President’s Climate Action Plan

9/19/2013 - NRDC: Obstruction of Energy Efficiency Bill in Opposition to What the Public Wants

9/19/2013 - 2013 California Legislative Session: Environmental Progress in the Face of Industry Roadblocks

9/19/2013 - House Water Bill Undercuts Environmental Safeguards

9/19/2013 - Keystone Pipeline’s Dangers Now Clearer Than Ever

9/18/2013 - Court rules in favor of cleaner fuel in California

9/18/2013 - New Report: Food Expiration Date Confusion Causing up to 90% of Americans to Waste Food

9/17/2013 - New Study: Clean Energy Least Costly Option to Power America’s Electricity Needs

9/17/2013 - Obama Administration Developing Important Clean Water Safeguards

9/16/2013 - Another Pebble Mine Partner Abandons Disastrous Bristol Bay Project

9/16/2013 - Robert Redford Leads Prominent Americans Who DemandCleanPower

9/16/2013 - NRDC: Governor Brown Must Impose a Fracking Moratorium Immediately

9/12/2013 - Environmental Groups to California Leaders: Fix the Fracking Bill Now

9/12/2013 - Dirty Energy Keystone XL Measure has No Place in Clean Energy Bill

9/11/2013 - Chicago City Council Passes Energy Benchmarking Ordinance

9/11/2013 - California’s Fracking Bill Passes Assembly with Flawed Amendments

9/9/2013 - New GAO Report Confirms Environmental Protection Agency Shortcomings in Protecting the Public from Dangerous Pesticides

9/9/2013 - NRDC: Canada’s Tar Sands Expansion Would Make Climate Change Worse

9/6/2013 - Ohio Communities Stand with Munroe Falls on Importance of Local Control Over Community Character in Face of Fracking

9/6/2013 - NRDC: White House Sides with Chemical Industry, Yanks EPA Public Health Efforts

9/3/2013 - Living Sculptures: NRDC brings engaging environmental art to EXPO CHICAGO

9/3/2013 - California Appeals Court Affirms Marine Wilderness Decision at Point Reyes National Seashore

8/29/2013 - Report: 70% of Legally Required Agricultural Water Management Plans Not Submitted

8/28/2013 - New Report: California Communities Spend Nearly $500M Annually in Keeping Trash Out Of Waterways

8/27/2013 - New Maps Reveal Enviva’s Ahoskie Wood Pellet Facility Threatens Southern Wetland Forests, Surrounding Ecosystems and Wildlife

8/27/2013 - Record-Breaking $17.3 Billion in Crop Losses Last Year; Significant Portion Potentially Avoidable

8/26/2013 - New Report: College Sports Tackling Sustainability

8/22/2013 - California Department of Public Health Fails to Set Safe Drinking Water Standard for Hexavalent Chromium

8/20/2013 - California Poll: Overwhelming Majority Want Protection from Fracking

8/19/2013 - Navy Spurns California’s Request to Reduce Injury to Marine Mammals off Coast

8/14/2013 - Mitigation: Impossible

8/8/2013 - Federal Appeals Court Finds Los Angeles County Liable for Polluted Waterways

8/6/2013 - NRDC Calls on Chicago Restaurants to Go Fin-Free for Shark Week: It’s the Law!

8/2/2013 - NRDC: House Republicans head home after futile attacks on government, denying science and obstructing action on climate change

8/2/2013 - NRDC: Senior Stewards from the GOP Stand Up for Our Common Future

7/31/2013 - NRDC: Public Health Improvements Still Needed for Chemical Reform Bill

7/31/2013 - NRDC: Michael Connor “Excellent Choice” for Interior Deputy

7/30/2013 - NRDC Expert: Nuclear Waste Bill Risks “Another dead end”

7/26/2013 - NRDC Cites Progress on Deal to Cut Carbon Pollution from Arizona Power Plant

7/25/2013 - Kalamazoo Clean Up Continues: 3rd Anniversary of Michigan’s Tar Sands Mess

7/25/2013 - Tar Sands Oil Well Blowout: "Nobody really understands how to stop it."

7/24/2013 - NRDC: Blowout Means We Must Cut Risk, Improve Safety on Offshore Rigs

7/23/2013 - Court Finds Bush Era Ozone Standards Fail to Meet Legal Requirements to Protect Forests; Upholds Health Standard

7/23/2013 - Major Report Shows Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Would Worsen Climate Change and Fails President’s Climate Test

7/18/2013 - Court Requires California to Establish Drinking Water Standard for Dangerous Carcinogen

7/18/2013 - Gina McCarthy Confirmed as Environmental Protection Agency Administrator

7/18/2013 - Survey: Two in Three Americans Endorse Setting Limits on Carbon Pollution from Power Plants that Drives Climate Change

7/17/2013 - New Study: It Pays to Take Transit

7/15/2013 - Survey: North Carolinians Overwhelmingly Oppose Fracking, Want More Clean Energy

7/12/2013 - Federal Court Follows Science in Striking Down EPA’s Biomass Emissions Loophole

7/11/2013 - NRDC: House Farm Bill Should be Plowed Under

7/11/2013 - NRDC Signs Energy Efficiency Agreement with China

7/9/2013 - NRDC: Misleading U.S. House Bill Would Block Safeguards for the Public

7/2/2013 - New NRDC Climate Analysis: Nation Can Create Jobs and Save on Electricity Bills while Cutting Carbon Pollution from Power Plants

6/26/2013 - NRDC Annual Beach Report: Water Pollution Ruins Over 20,000 Days at the Beach for Third Straight Year

6/25/2013 - New Analysis Provides Business Case for Climate-Friendlier Air Conditioning in India

6/25/2013 - NRDC: Tar Sands Pipeline Fails Presidential Test

6/25/2013 - NRDC: Obama Acts on Climate Promise

6/25/2013 - NRDC: Obama’s Climate Plan Takes Aim at Heart of the Threat

6/22/2013 - NRDC Stands Ready to Help President Obama Combat Climate Change

6/20/2013 - Landmark Agreement to Protect Gulf of Mexico Whales, Dolphins from Industry’s High-Intensity Airgun Surveys

6/19/2013 - Court Asked to Order Deadline for Action on Overdue Smog Standards

6/19/2013 - More Efficient Modems, Routers Could Save Consumers $330 Million Annually

6/17/2013 - Illinois Bill Signed into Law, But Fracking Should Not Proceed

6/13/2013 - NRDC President Beinecke: Sandy-Impacted Senators Send Powerful Message to President to Get Moving on Climate Change

6/13/2013 - Supreme Court Rules Against Port of Los Angeles Clean Trucks Program

6/12/2013 - Craft Brewers Call on the President to Protect American Waters—And Beer!

6/12/2013 - Interior Department Must Stop Coal Industry Giveaway

6/11/2013 - Bloomberg Braces Big Apple for Mounting Costs of Climate Change

6/7/2013 - Mega Rail Project Would Threaten Years of Green Growth at Port of Los Angeles

6/11/2013 - Robert Redford Calls on President to Fight Climate Change Now with Limits on Power Plant Carbon Pollution

6/7/2013 - National Wolf Delisting: Feds Quit Before the Job is Done

6/7/2013 - San Onofre Nuclear Plant Closing Shows Transition to Renewables, Energy Efficiency Is Working

6/7/2013 - NRDC: Dingell Has Fought for Landmark Environmental Safeguards

6/6/2013 - Interior Secretary Jewell Rules out Atlantic Offshore Leasing Until 2017; Seismic Protections Needed

6/3/2013 - Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s Legacy: Healthier Children and Safer Environment

5/31/2013 - Fracking Bill Clears Illinois General Assembly

5/30/2013 - Feds fail to protect endangered Cook Inlet Beluga whales in Alaska

5/28/2013 - New Campaign Chops Down Growing Trend of Burning American Forests for Energy

5/24/2013 - NRDC: Toxic Reform Bill Needs to be Improved to Protect Public from Dangerous Chemicals

5/22/2013 - NRDC: President Retains Responsibility for Keystone XL Tar Sands Decision

5/22/2013 - California Adopts New Recycling Measure for Mercury-laden Thermostats

5/22/2013 - Rejected Toll Road Again Threatens Popular Southern California State Park

5/16/2013 - Administration Releases New Draft Rules for Fracking on Public Lands

5/16/2013 - Ernest Moniz Confirmed As Department of Energy Secretary

5/16/2013 - NRDC: Gina McCarthy Deserves Full Senate Endorsement to Protect Our Health and Environment

5/15/2013 - NRDC’s Karen Garrison to Receive Highest Award for Ocean Conservation

5/14/2013 - NRDC Report: Federal Government Spent More Taxpayer Money on 2012 Extreme Weather Cleanup than on Schools or Roads

5/13/2013 - Bay Delta Salmon Population Just One-Fifth its Target Size

5/9/2013 - NRDC: GOP Obstructs Vote on Key Public Health and Environment Leader

5/8/2013 - NRDC Health Director: Antibiotics Bill Will Help Protect Public Health

5/8/2013 - NRDC: Clean Energy Bill Should Stay Clean

4/29/2013 - President Taps Transportation Leader to Succeed Secretary LaHood

4/25/2013 - Southern California to Save 40 Billion Gallons of Imported Water Annually by 2035

4/18/2013 - Nebraskans’ Message: We Know More Now Why Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Would be a Colossal Mistake

4/18/2013 - NRDC: Energy Efficiency Bill Promotes the Cleanest, Cheapest Energy

4/18/2013 - Iconic Mumbai Building Make Business Case for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

4/17/2013 - New York Town Repeals Fracking Gag Order After Free Speech Lawsuit

4/16/2013 - Indian City Launches First-Ever Heat Wave Preparation and Warning System

4/11/2013 - Groups Seek Investigation into Mexico’s Approval of Four “Mega Resorts”

4/10/2013 - Sally Jewell Confirmed As Department of the Interior Secretary

4/10/2013 - NRDC: President’s Budget Targets Oil Subsidies and Takes Aim at Climate Change

4/9/2013 - Great Beer Needs Clean Water: NRDC Partners with Craft Brewers to Protect the Clean Water Act

4/4/2013 - NRDC Announces Winners of the 2013 Growing Green Awards

3/29/2013 - New Gasoline and Auto Pollution Standards Will Save Lives, Money and Clear Our Air

3/28/2013 - Weak Ballast Water Permit Opens U.S. Waters to Continued Invasion

3/27/2013 - NRDC Report: More than 10,000 Pesticides Approved by Flawed EPA Process

3/26/2013 - NRDC & Major Utilities Push for National Water-Saving Measure

3/25/2013 - NRDC President: Obama Preserves Vital Lands and Stories of America

3/25/2013 - California Considers Efficiency Standards for Over a Dozen New Products

3/23/2013 - Senate Rejects Bid to Block Carbon Standards

3/22/2013 - Grandstanding on Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Changes Nothing

3/20/2013 - NRDC: To Fight Superbug Crisis, Public Needs More Data on Farm Animal Drugs

3/14/2013 - NRDC Trio of Women Recognized as Top Environmental Leaders Under 40

3/13/2013 - Murray and Ryan Budgets: Careful Stewardship Versus Mishandling of Environment, Health and Energy

3/13/2013 - Report: Two-Thirds of Depleted Fish Stocks Rebound Under Federal Fisheries Law

3/12/2013 - Reps. Waxman, Blumenauer and Sen. Whitehouse Spotlight Need to Reduce Threat of Climate Change

3/12/2013 - Ryan Budget Solidifies Sequester Cuts to Parks, Clean Water, Public Health and is a Vision of a 19th Century Energy Policy

3/7/2013 - New Partnership Releases Path-breaking Guide to Stimulate Private Investment in Natural Infrastructure Nationwide

3/5/2013 - NRDC to host Game Changer Awards Gala at the Mandarin Oriental, March 14, 2013; Big League Execs Honored for Pioneering Environmental Work in Professional Sports

3/4/2013 - President Obama to Nominate Gina McCarthy as EPA Administrator; Ernest Moniz as Energy Secretary

3/1/2013 - Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline: State Department Papers Over Climate Issues

3/1/2013 - Appeals Court Upholds Endangered Species Act Protection for Polar Bears

3/1/2013 - KXL Tar Sands Pipeline: The More We Learn, The Worse it Looks

2/27/2013 - Rep. Luján Hosts Briefing that Highlights Latino Support to Combat Climate Change and NRDC Carbon Pollution Solution

2/27/2013 - NRDC: Which Would You Cut? $8 Billion in Oil Subsidies, or Education, Parks and Clean Water

2/19/2013 - Survey: Latinos Reject Rubio Approach to Climate Change, Clean Energy

2/17/2013 - “Forward on Climate” Rally: More Than 35,000 strong March on Washington for Climate Action

2/14/2013 - NRDC: Lautenberg a Champion for Our Environment and Health

2/13/2013 - NRDC Post-State of the Union Poll: 60 Percent of Americans Support Presidential Action to Fight Ravages of Climate Change

2/13/2013 - NRDC: Obama to Use Presidential Powers to Take On Climate Change

2/12/2013 - New York Puts Indefinite Pause on Fracking Decision

2/12/2013 - NRDC President: Congress Should Enact Public Health and Environment Safeguards Before Any Further Expansion of Natural Gas Fracking Occurs

2/12/2013 - New York Fracking Gag Order Violates Freedom of Speech

2/8/2013 - NRDC-Farmworker Justice: Overdue Standards Better Protect People from Human Pesticide Tests

2/7/2013 - East Coast States Strengthen Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Set Model for Nation

2/6/2013 - 60 Groups urge Kerry to continue strong leadership on climate change

2/6/2013 - President Obama to Nominate Sally Jewell as Interior Secretary

2/5/2013 - New EPA Data Confirms the Need to Reduce Carbon Pollution from Power Plants

2/4/2013 - Sen. Murkowski’s “Energy Blueprint” Relies on Playbook from the Past

2/1/2013 - NRDC: Energy Secretary Chu an Invaluable Guide on Path Toward Energy Independence

1/31/2013 - NRDC: Debt Ceiling Delay Doesn’t Avoid Possible Cuts to Parks, Air, Water

1/29/2013 - NRDC: Kerry a Champion for Action against Climate Change

1/29/2013 - New Permit Would Allow Navy to Harm Millions of Marine Mammals

1/28/2013 - NRDC: Sandy Relief Helps Victims Recover, But Also Impedes Protection of Oceans and Lands

1/24/2013 - NRDC: Whitehouse-Waxman Task Force Will Help Nation Address Climate Change

1/24/2013 - Governor Brown’s State of the State: California has Many Opportunities in 2013 to Invest in Clean Energy and Its People

1/21/2013 - NRDC: President Sounds a Call to Action on Climate Change

1/17/2013 - New Research Shows Climate Emissions from Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Much Worse Than Reported

1/16/2013 - New Plan Offers an Effective, Affordable Package of California Water Supply and Bay-Delta Fisheries Solutions

1/16/2013 - NRDC: Salazar Marked Gains in Protecting Wildlife & Lands

1/15/2013 - Extreme Weather Map Shows 3,527 Monthly Weather Records Shattered in 2012

1/11/2013 - National Climate Assessment Cements Need for Action on Climate Now

1/11/2013 - Supreme Court Agrees to Hear California Clean Trucks Case

1/9/2013 - Governor Cuomo Reveals Boost for Clean Energy, Weather Resiliency in State of the State Speech

1/8/2013 - NOAA Record Heat Report Demands Action on Climate Now

1/8/2013 - Supreme Court Returns Los Angeles County Water Ruling to Lower Court

1/7/2013 - Broad Coalition Urges President Obama to Tackle Climate Change for Our Families and the Planet

1/3/2013 - NRDC, The Wilderness Society Call for Immediate Hold on Offshore Arctic Drilling

1/1/2013 - Environment, Energy Programs Survive Fiscal Cliff Vote

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