Who’s Leading the Fight Against Offshore Drilling

Is your member of Congress doing enough to oppose Trump’s reckless effort?

Is Your Member of Congress Doing Enough to Oppose Trump’s Reckless Effort?

If you are planning a beach vacation in the U.S. this summer, you probably aren’t envisioning that beautiful ocean horizon dotted with massive industrial oil rigs. But the Trump administration is working on a plan that could forever change nearly all of our coasts.

Our oceans coasts will not be safe from offshore oil and gas leasing in the coming years if the Trump administration has its way.

NRDC is working on Capitol Hill, in the courts, and throughout the country to protect our public waters from the risks and harms of offshore drilling. 

Oil and gas companies, with the help of President Trump, Department of Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, and their allies in Congress, are working to industrialize our coastlines—and put our oceans, precious marine life and everything they support at risk—for private profit. But communities and citizens across the nation have been standing up to this plan, and our elected leaders are a key part of that effort.

Do you know where your state’s delegation stands on drilling?

We have updated NRDC’s digital tool to show where your elected officials stand on the Trump administration’s proposal to expand oil and gas drilling, outlined in its Draft Proposed Five Year offshore oil and gas federal leasing plan. That proposal, if implemented, would auction off publicly-owned ocean waters along the Atlantic, Arctic, Gulf of Mexico, and Pacific.

Congress and governors have a key role in rejecting this radical and dangerous plan.

With 208 members of the 116th Congress now opposing drilling there is new energy in this bipartisan fight.

If our elected officials are serious about protecting our beaches, local economies, and way of life, they must voice their opposition against Trump’s and Bernhardt’s polluter profits plan. To that end, we have updated this tool so that everyone can easily see where their governors and members of Congress stand on offshore drilling.

Whether you live on the coast, or inland, find your members of Congress or governor and see where they stand on the Trump administration’s offshore drilling plan.

If your state’s leaders have not sent a letter or comments to the Trump administration opposing its plan, urge them to do so now.

If your state’s leaders oppose drilling regionally, but not nationwide, urge them to broaden their opposition. Ask them to tell President Trump and Secretary Bernhardt to put our coasts and the public good before polluter profits—and reject expanded drilling everywhere.

Share what you find on social media to let your friends and family know who’s protecting our coasts, and who’s not.

We all treasure our nation’s coastlines. They support billions in local tourism and fishing economies. They are sanctuaries for marine wildlife. By taking time to lend our voices to the fight against offshore drilling—and keeping the pressure on our elected leaders—we can keep these special places healthy and safe for future generations.

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