Report Shows Minimal Energy Development Potential in Prime Greater Sage Grouse Habitat in the West

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A new report shows minimal energy development potential in prime Greater Sage Grouse habitat in the West. The report was commissioned by Western Values Project and conducted by Western EcoSystems Technology (WEST). In fact, according to the report, 73-81% of areas with medium to high potential for energy development (oil and gas, solar, and wind) across the West fall outside of priority sage grouse habitat.  

While folks are concerned that conserving the sage grouse could hamper energy development that is crucial to Western economies, WEST’s findings suggest that this is not an either-or choice – and maybe, if done right, sage grouse conservation can coexist with responsible energy development. 

By prioritizing conservation efforts within areas where overlap with energy development potential exists, and by continuing to identify and protect important sage grouse habitat, the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, and western states can conserve sage grouse and western landscapes while proceeding responsibly with energy development. 


*Photo Credit: Steve Fairbairn / USFWS