Hydraulic fracturing a suspect in three new reported incidents of drinking water impacts in Arkansas

I am keeping a running list of incidents where hydraulic fracturing is a suspected cause of endangering drinking water. I will be updating the list as I learn of new incidents.

Today I am updating the list with three new reports from Arkansas. In all cases, the homeowners wish to remain anonymous.

Bee Branch: In 2009, a family reported their drinking water turned gray and cloudy and had noxious odors after hydraulic fracturing of a nearby natural gas well owned by Southwestern Energy Company.

Center Ridge: A family reported that in 2007, after hydraulic fracturing of wells owned by Southwestern Energy Company, their water turned red or orange and looked like it had clay in it. They told their story on YouTube.

Center Ridge: A homeowner reported that after hydraulic fracturing of a well owned by Southwestern Energy Company in 2008 his water turned brown, smelled bad, and had sediment in it. He also told his story on YouTube.

Please continue to send me information regarding suspected hydraulic fracturing impacts on drinking water.