Lisa Jackson commits to protecting clean drinking water from fracking risks

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee earlier today. Among other things, her testimony included the following statements:

  • EPA will step in to protect local residents if a driller jeopardizes clean water and the state government does not act. President Obama has made clear that we need to extract natural gas without polluting our water supplies.
  • EPA’s core protecting Americans from harmful pollution. That is what Congress has ordered EPA to do, and that is what the American people expect. Even when gas prices are high and the economy is still recovering, Americans do not like it when their families and livelihoods are harmed by industrial pollution that could have been avoided.

We appreciate EPA's commitment today and hope that the headquarters, as well as all regions, are vigorous in protecting not only drinking water but also clean air, land, and human health. Administrator Jackson is correct: Americans from all walks of life, regardless of political party or persuasion, want EPA to keep their air and water clean, and their families safe from toxic pollutants.