Eat It

Today’s New York Times has an op-ed by Taras Grescoe about the growing problem of invasive species, a topic I’ve blogged about here at Switchboard before.  Although I have a few quibbles with his column--Grescoe is far too quick to dismiss policy solutions to the problem of invasive species, such as stricter regulation of ballast water--his central idea about invasive is kind of cool.  Grescoe basically advocates eating the things.

As Grescoe correctly notes, one of the worst invasive species here in the United States is the Asian carp (pictured below courtesy of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service).

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I love to cook and was pretty intrigued by the idea.  I wondered, is Asian carp good eating?  Well, it sure seems so.  Just click here to find some pretty tasty looking recipes.  Others can be found here

Our own Kate Wing has written about eating jellyfish and I know that she’s something of a cook.  So how about it Kate, are there any recipes for invasive species in your neck of the woods?  Chinese mitten crabcakes maybe?