Harmful CA Energy Propositions Fail

I don't know about you, but I'm still poring over the maps and looking at the percentages and trying to let it sink in.  One of the things this change signals is a new chance to move the great work that states all over the country have been doing to develop a clean energy economy to the national stage.  Here in California we've been focusing on getting the fight against global warming going and getting it right.

Yesterday, California voters took another step in the right direction by rejecting two disruptive ballot initiatives, Prop 7 and Prop 10, which would have taken us on an unproductive detour.  The California Secretary of State's website shows you how people voted for each prop. NRDC along with most other environmental groups in California opposed Props 7 and 10 -- not because we don't want more renewable energy and alternative fuels, but because we do -- these just weren't the way to get the job done. 

Now we can sharpen our focus on getting real results from the programs that are in place in California to reduce our greenhouse gas pollution by improving our energy efficiency and getting more of our energy from renewable resources like solar and wind.  There's a lot to do on that front.  Right now the CA Air Resources Board is considering how to implement our landmark global warming bill, AB 32 and in the draft Scoping Plan in front of them is a proposal to get 33% of the state's electricity from renewable sources by 2020.  NRDC is championing that policy.  We're also leading an effort to figure out how to get renewable energy to market and protecting natural resources too.  And we are amping up our efforts to wring every bit of energy we can out of every watt we use -- our energy efficiency team is reforming the way we light our homes, freeze our food, charge our phones, get cool drinks from vending machines, play video games and more.  So it's good news that Californians continue to support a clean energy economy and our state's voters can tell a good idea from a cockeyed one.

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