For Parks and Climate: Vote YES on Prop 68, NO on Prop 70

Californians have a chance to vote for two state ballot measures to protect parks and clean water and keep climate action moving forward. Make your voice heard on June 5.
Credit: Mark Esguerra



Right now Californians have a chance to vote for two state ballot measures to protect parks and clean water and keep climate action moving forward. With vote by mail already underway for our June 5 statewide elections, now's the time to remember to vote to make your voice heard on these important ballot initiatives.

NRDC has recommendations on two measures on the June statewide ballot:

PROP 68.  With climate change hitting home, it’s more important than ever that California protects our natural resources and provides access to parks, open space and clean water. We all know about the drought, wildfires and storm surges. Now, the data backs up our personal experiences. According to a new state report temperatures are rising, day and night. Prop 68 authorizes $4 billion to invest in areas of the state where people need green space the most, promoting equity. In a state like California, with such abundant natural resources, there are still areas that are “park poor.” Prop 68 will help balance access to our natural resources. 

California can no longer count on the federal government to protect parks and clean air and water. But we can act now to make sure our state is doing all we can to prepare California’s natural resources for the future. Now is the time to invest in clean water, safe parks and natural areas, to protect our economy and public health, and to safeguard California’s unique resources for the next generation by investing in cost-effective programs to increase our resiliency to extreme weather events. Please spread the word about Prop 68. Follow the campaign—Yes on 68 California on Facebook and Twitter—for the latest campaign announcements.  

PROP 70. For too many years, California's budget was held hostage to partisan gridlock. Fed up with overdue state budgets, in 2010 California voters passed an initiative to require budget approval by a simple majority rather than supermajority, and now budgets are done on time. Prop 70 proposes to subject our climate investments to the old gridlock by bottling them up in a reserve fund starting in 2024 until a supermajority agreement is reached. We can’t afford more uncertainty and delay. These funds are needed to fight pollution, grow clean energy and improve community health.  

California's landmark climate and clean energy programs are working. We have many checks and balances in the system to oversee our climate programs, including budget and policy hearings, a spending plan approved by the legislature, and annual reports. More than $2 billion in anti-pollution money has been invested in clean energy, affordable housing near transit, transportation, and other programs that improve the health, sustainability, and resilience of communities across the state. More than half of this money has benefitted low-income communities and communities of color, exceeding minimum requirements. Prop 70 would throw a wrench in California’s climate programs that are creating jobs, installing solar power, replacing highly polluting cars and trucks with clean electric vehicles, and greening low-income communities. Spread the word. Here’s where to find out more StopProp70.

Elections matter. Please remember to vote, at the polls or by mail, in June and, again, in November. Working together, we will make our voices heard and we will make a difference.