Limbo or Reprieve For Los Angeles River Parklands? Developer Extends Taylor Yard Option Deadline By Six Months


Last week I blogged about Taylor Yard, a former rail yard along the Los Angeles River, where developer Trammell Crow was facing an end-of-year deadline to exercise its option to purchase a key portion of the property.  As I mentioned in my blog, Trammell Crow’s stated plans to develop the parcel for industrial use conflict with the community’s long-term vision of an expansive riverfront park that would provide open space and parkland for some of L.A.’s most park-poor neighborhoods.

We’ve now learned that the option deadline has been extended by six months, to June 30, 2012.  While our preference would have been for Trammell Crow to drop the option, this gives us some time to convince this developer of the community’s commitment to a riverfront park at Taylor Yard.  If you haven’t done so already, please read this letter signed by more than 25 community, environmental, social justice and river advocacy groups that strongly support the long-term vision of connecting Rio de Los Angeles State Park to the L.A. River, and sign our petition to show your support for a riverfront park at Taylor Yard.

Stay tuned.  I'll keep you informed as events unfold over the next few months.

Photo credit: The City Project