Click and Clack, telling it like it is

The hosts of the popular "Car Talk" radio show, have sent a letter to the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming which states that the 35 mile per gallon (mpg) fuel economy standard included by the Senate in its Energy Bill is achievable, and that in fact technology currently exists to reach the standard in FIVE years - nearly a decade before the 2020 timeframe that is currently being considered by Congress.

Other notable excerpts from the letter, which you can read by clicking here, include the following:

  • “The onslaught of ‘we can’t, it’ll ruin us… you’re denying Americans their choice of vehicles’ begins every time we the people – through our elected representatives – try to bring the auto industry, kicking and screaming into the modern era. And every time, their predictions of motorized-skateboard futures have failed to materialize.”
  • “Every single time they’ve [the automobile industry] resisted safety, environmental or fuel economy regulations, auto industry predictions have turned out to be, in retrospect, fear-mongering bull-feathers.”
  • “Not only can it be done, but by increasing CAFE standards dramatically, you’ll be helping the American automotive industry compete – by forcing them to synchronize their priorities with those of the American people, and the populations of other countries where they will be increasingly marketing their cars.”

Another endorsement for the increase in fuel economy performance of U.S. cars and trucks passed by the Senate. But then favoring that boost isn't exactly a candidate for the brothers' "Stump the Chumps" segment.  As oil flirts with the historic $100-a-barrel mark, it's a commonsense move.