Oh, What A Feeling!

Thousands of you have already sent a message to Toyota regarding the company's hypocritical positioning on fuel economy. (If you're new to this thread, go HERE to read more about the disconnect between Toyota's green advertising and their anti-fuel economy lobbying.)

The price of oil has been hovering at or above $80 a barrel for more than a week now.

The economic impacts of high oil prices are obvious.

But, we can't gloss over the national security threat that America's dependence on oil represents.

Earlier this week, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to the United States. By most accounts, Ahmadinejad is one of the world's most dangerous heads of state. A loose cannon.

Yet he wields a great deal of power in the global financial markets. Why?

Because Iran has a lot of oil.

Which is yet another reason why we need to do everything that we can to break America's dependence on oil. The fastest, cheapest way we can do that is to make cars go farther on a gallon of gasoline.

And as long as companies like Toyota don't support a strong fuel economy standard, we're going to continue to be stuck in neutral on ending our oil addiction.