Real Voices, Real Impacts—Obama Can Save Tongass for Next Generations

 It is easy to use superlatives when talking about the Roadless Rule. It is the largest federal forest preservation measure ever enacted, protecting 58.5 million acres of undeveloped National Forest Lands.  It is the most popular Federal rule ever enacted, having received more than 4 million public comments in support of protecting our remaining pristine forests.  It is one of the most successful environmental protection measures ever instituted. It helped thwart an 8 year attack by the Bush administration on our wild forests. Since going into effect, only 7 miles of roads have been built in Roadless areas.

It is easy, therefore, to forget the reason why the Roadless Rule is so important, the reason why just before President Obama's Inauguration, Congressmen, former Forest Service officials, and conservation leaders from around the country called on President Obama to act quickly to reverse last minute Bush actions that put our pristine, roadless forests on the chopping block.

The reason the Roadless Rule is so popular, so important, and has been so successful is that it protects real places that are important to real people.  The video above reminds us of that. (Part II in a series)