Video Blog 3 from Mexico: How countries are trying to find solutions

Today is the 5th day of the global warming negotiations that are happening here in Mexico.  In previous videos I've discussed the mood in Cancun and the progress that we are seeing on transparency.  In this video I discuss how countries are trying to find solutions -- both in the climate negotiations and by taking practical steps to reduce their emissions.

We are seeing countries like India and the Cartegena Dialogue trying to be constructive in finding solutions to key issues in these negotiations.  And we are hearing about practical things that countries can do to reduce their emissions, save their consumers money, and reduce local air pollution.  I had a chance to participate in a panel as a part of a new UN effort to phase-out inefficient lightbulbs throughout the world and replace them with better alternatives which is just one example of the solutions that are coming forward here in Mexico..

Check out this video for more details.