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Natural Climate Solutions Policy Manager, International

Jennifer Skene works across U.S., Canadian, and international policy to address forest degradation in the Canadian boreal forest and across the Global North. Skene's advocacy elevates the long-overlooked climate and biodiversity impacts of industrial logging in boreal and temperate forests and addresses deeply embedded global paradigms that allow developed countries to avoid scrutiny for their forest impacts. Through forest carbon accounting policy, government procurement, trade, marketplace regulations, international agreements, and other mechanisms, she is working to entrench new standards of accountability for forest degradation and Indigenous rights violations in the Global North and advance a framework of truly global forest protection. Skene is also a clinical lecturer at Yale Law School, where she co-teaches the Environmental Protection Clinic, and a member of the World Commission on Environmental Law. She has a JD from Yale Law School and a BS from Northwestern University’s School of Communication. She is based in the Santa Monica office.

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