Is Your State Government Trying to Expose Your Family to More Arsenic, Lead & Mercury Pollution?

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Twenty-one states have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to terminate health safeguards that protect Americans from toxic air pollution spewed by electric power plants burning coal and oil.

Attorneys general from these conservative states want to overturn a lower court decision that upheld clean air standards projected to save up to 11,000 lives, and avoid 4,700 heart attacks and 130,000 asthma attacks every year. 

The lower court found these health standards fully complied with the Clean Air Act, by requiring deep reductions in over seven dozen hazardous air pollutants emitted by dirty power plants. These pollutants include the brain poisons mercury and lead, cancer-causing arsenic and dioxins, heavy metals like nickel, and acid gases.

Now these state officials want to eliminate the clean air standards altogether, even though coal-burning power plants are far and away the biggest producers of toxic air pollution from all industrial sources in the country.

Here's the list of states whose identified government officials want to subject your family and all Americans to more toxic air pollution. Are these officials speaking on your behalf? If not, consider contacting their offices to convey your disapproval, using the email addresses provided below.

(Even if your state does not appear on this list, air pollution does not respect state boundaries. These state officials want to abolish health safeguards that apply to dangerous air pollution from power plants in almost every state in the country. So the officials are trying to harm many more Americans than those living in their own states. Let them know their actions are reckless.)

Michigan (listed as lead author for the state filing), Bill Schuette, Attorney General,

Alabama, Luther Strange, Attorney General,

Alaska, Michael Geraghty, Attorney General,

Arizona, Tom Horne, Attorney General,

Arkansas, Dustin McDaniel, Attorney General,

Idaho, Lawrence Wasden, Attorney General,

Indiana, Gregory Zoeller, Attorney General,

Iowa, Terry Branstad, Governor,

Kansas, Derek Schmidt, Attorney General,

Kentucky, John William Conway, Attorney General,

Mississippi, Jim Hood, Attorney General,

Missouri, Chris Koster, Attorney General,

Nebraska, Jon Bruning, Attorney General,

North Dakota, Wayne Stenehjem, Attorney General,

Ohio, Michael DeWine, Attorney General,

Oklahoma, Scott Pruitt, Attorney General,

South Carolina, Alan Wilson, Attorney General,

Texas, Greg Abbott, Attorney General,

Utah, Sean Reyes, Attorney General,

West Virginia, Patrick Morrisey, Attorney General,

Wyoming, Peter Michael, Attorney General,