A headshot of Jon Colmenares Jon Colmenares

Director, Western Campaigns, Center for Campaigns & Organizing

Jon Colmenares coordinates with NRDC’s policy experts and advocates to protect public health and the environment in the Golden State. He works with local groups and constituents, educating them on their elected officials’ public interest records, targeting district advocacy, sharpening our policy campaigns, and integrating our state-level work with federal advocacy. As a member of the Center for Policy Advocacy, Colmenares aims to build our political reach in support of smart policies.

Originally from Los Angeles, Colmenares has managed multiple congressional campaigns across the country. He’s experienced in voter turnout, grassroots persuasion messaging, and early voter programs—having worked on campaigns in northern and southern California, as well as in New York and Florida. He is based in NRDC’s San Francisco office.

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