10 Days Left to Nominate Your Favorite Food Hero (or Yourself)

Growing Green Award nominations due December 10

Farmers and foodies, it’s time to nominate your favorite sustainable food hero for NRDC’s Growing Green Awards. For the third year in a row, NRDC is recognizing food producers, business leaders, researchers and young food heroes who are transforming the future of food. Across the country, food industry leaders are cutting pollution, nurturing soils, saving water, and reducing energy use, all while filling our plates and teaching us about the impacts of our food choices. Now it’s time for you to give back – nominate yourself or another food leader by December 10.

Nominating someone couldn’t be easier: Write a one paragraph summary, attach any supporting documents (and/or write more narrative if you like) and upload the nomination on-line here.

What does it take to win? Our panel of expert judges, who are themselves sustainable food celebrities, will make the final call on which innovative ideas and bold leadership take the prize. In previous years, Growing Green Award winners have inspired us with their amazing growing techniques, community involvement and original business models. Some of my favorites include:

  • Russ Lester, a walnut farmer in northern California who turns walnut shells into electricity to power his farm;
  • Will Allen, who stacked an organic vegetable garden on top of an urban fish farm -- and connected them to clean the water and fertilize the plants;
  • Fidele Bauccio of Bon Appétit Management Company, whose food service company has put a low carbon diet on the menu, while educating the customers and others about their own individual carbon footprint from food.

This year we have an exciting new category, recognizing the young people from California to Maine who are getting their hands dirty in the sustainable food movement. Our Young Food Leader category, for food entrepreneurs, growers and activists, is open to applicants 30 years old or younger. And this exciting new award comes with a $5,000 prize to help the winner with their great work.

We’ve also revised the Thought Leader award to focus more on advancing the science that is needed to make food systems more sustainable.

The Business Leader award is unchanged from last year, and will again go to an entrepreneur who advances innovation in sustainable food.

And as a tribute to the people who grow and produce our food, the Food Producer category remains the top honor and will receive a $10,000 prize. All winners will be publicized far and wide through NRDC’s networks and media outlets.

See the complete application instructions and criteria HERE. Submit your nomination for a sustainable food hero by December 10!