Climate Adaptation: A Growing Priority for NRDC

NRDC experts are headed to National Adaptation Forum this week, one of the most important gatherings of climate adaptation professionals in the United States.
Credit: Revolution Messaging

CNN recently ran a story headlined “Climate Change is Making Allergy Season Worse.” In response, the Executive Director of the National Environmental Health Association quipped that climate change “is making everything, everywhere, for everyone – worse.”

That slightly cheeky observation is broadly correct—and it’s why NRDC is sponsoring this year’s National Adaptation Forum in Madison, Wisconsin.

The National Adaptation Forum is one of the most important convenings of experts working on how to prepare for the impacts of climate change. This year’s gathering—the fourth one since 2013—will bring together 800 climate adaptation practitioners from all 50 states, two U.S. territories, and three countries. Representatives from non-profit organizations, universities, businesses, and government will address critical topics such as how to ensure adaptation is equitable, effective, and sufficiently financed. 

If you’re coming to the forum, look for NRDC’s exhibit booth and hear from our experts at sessions about:

To participate from afar, follow the #NAF2019 conversation on Twitter or watch the plenary sessions online.

Climate change is affecting every region of the United States in both incrementally bad and catastrophic ways. Even with ambitious efforts to cut the carbon pollution causing climate change, “there are no regions that escape some mix of adverse impacts.” In the meantime, the Trump administration has made climate harms more likely by rolling back commonsense pollution limits and safeguards against fiscal exposure to climate change.

The societal choices we make now will determine how well the United States—and the rest of the world—can survive and thrive in a warmer, wilder, less predictable climate. NRDC is committed to seek effective solutions to the pressing challenge of climate change, and we look forward to learning from and alongside the country’s growing community of adaptation professionals at the National Adaptation Forum.

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