New ad campaign tells NY's leaders to keep up their cautious approach to fracking

Now more than ever we find ourselves at a critical juncture when it comes to the question of fracking in New York State. With new information about fracking’s risks becoming available, literally on almost a weekly basis, it is clearer than ever that New York’s cautious approach is the right one.

That’s why we’re upping our outreach and public education, and urgently calling on Governor Cuomo to put a formal, long-term moratorium on fracking in place. The de facto moratorium that’s been in effect since 2008 has provided an important opportunity to ensure that we carefully consider all of the scientific facts about public health and environmental impacts of fracking before making any decisions about whether to move forward. Now is the time to formalize that commitment in a three-to-five year formal moratorium.

Significant new scientific evidence about the dangers of fracking has been rolling in recently – from investigations into air and water quality impacts, to the implications for climate , to risks from earthquakes, to threats to public health and, just today, traffic fatalities –all of which provides clear and powerful justification for continuing with a judicious approach in New York.

So starting this week, we’re reaching out to New Yorkers with a series of radio spots* that highlight these hazards and encourage citizens to contact their state officials.

The question, as the ad says, is simple: “Why would we jeopardize the greatest water system in the world and put our families at risk?”

“Unless it’s safe,” the narrator concludes, “just say no to fracking in New York State.”


*Produced by Robbett Advocacy Media