World Series Champs are Champs of Going Green

This evening NRDC Founder John Adams will throw out the first pitch at Fenway Park – the storied home of the world champion Boston Red Sox and oldest original ballpark in the country.  The Fenway Faithful will also be treated to a public service video narrated by long-standing NRDC Board member and “Natural” star, Robert Redford, detailing the MLB’s efforts to green the league.  For this card-carrying (some might even go so far as to say rabid) member of Red Sox Nation, tonight’s Earth Day festivities are a source of double pride.

John will throw out the first pitch after accepting an Environmental Merit Award being jointly presented by EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson to NRDC and the Sox in recognition of the team’s “Greening Fenway” initiative, in which NRDC has played a key advisory role.  Among the environmentally friendly measures being implemented by the Sox at Fenway with NRDC’s help are:

  • Installation of solar panels on the roof along the first base line.
  • Installation of solar powered trash compactors around Fenway Park.
  • Reduced use of water and fertilizer on the playing field, and electric carts for the grounds crew.
  • Use by concessionaire ARAMARK of recycled paper for food service materials, as much locally grown produce as possible, and compostable trash bags.
  • Use of recycled paper for media guides, schedules and yearbooks.
  • Mobilization of the Poland Spring Green Team, a corps of 30-50 mostly student volunteers who will gather plastic bottles and distribute recycling information to fans.

Although my beloved Sox aren’t alone among MLB teams taking serious steps to improve their stadiums’ environmental profiles, they are certainly the only one that can lay claim to housing a Greenah Monstah.

And because no post about the Nation would be complete without a dig at the Empire, I would point out that the Sox’ activities have some in the Bronx seeing green.