3 Major Cities Join Alliance to Revolutionize School Food

Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas), Philadelphia, and Baltimore will join the ranks in the efforts to improve school food for children around the country.
Credit: Urban School Food Alliance

Today, the Urban School Food Alliance announced that three new school districts will join in its efforts to improve school food for children around the country.

The Alliance is a coalition of the largest school districts in the country—New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Orange County, FL (Orlando), Broward County, FL (Fort Lauderdale), and Dallas—who use bulk purchasing and common standards to bring down prices on healthy and sustainable foods. 

Now Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas), Philadelphia and Baltimore will join the ranks—adding purchasing power and allowing the Alliance to reach even more kids.

Clark County alone is the fifth largest school district in the country and serves 326,000 students—nearly 75% of all school kids in Nevada. In total, the Alliance will now serve 3.6 million children daily.

As close partners of the Alliance, NRDC is thrilled to see these new districts join. In short, expanding membership allows the Alliance to bring good food to more children around the country. Over 70% of kids in Alliance districts come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and rely on school meals for more than half their food each day. By working together to bring down prices on healthy and sustainable food, the Alliance can help districts get better food to all the kids they serve.

Already the Alliance has had incredible success on antibiotic-free chicken and compostable plates. We look forward to seeing these items in the lunchroom of the new districts and to working with all the cities in the Alliance on their next good food purchases. And with a combined purchasing power of now more than $735 million, the food industry will certainly be listening.