Smart and Green on the Streets of NYC


The car gods smiled on me this morning on the way to work. First I saw my first Smart Car tucked, I mean parked cutely on a corner where any other car would have gotten a ticket. I read ages ago that these pretty and tiny two-seaters were going to make their way from Europe to the States, but I hadn't actually seen one here. At 50-60 mpg, you just got to want to hug one.

Then, a few blocks later, I saw a Yahoo Green Taxi. These are Ford Escape hybrids sporting three big compact fluorescent bulbs in the advertising box that sits atop most NYC yellow cabs. These are also old news (see here for pics, here for the the press release, and here for more on Mayor Bloomberg's commitment to make all taxis hybrids by 2012), but still few enough and far enough between as to be fun to see.

While the car gods smiled, the photo gods did not. They rarely do, but still I snapped these two pics. Enjoy and have a great weekend.  


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