Welcome, Again. The 14th Time Is a Charm.

NRDC has been working to develop our blogging efforts in our usual methodical and thoughtful way and being the techno junkie that I am, I begged and pestered my way into these efforts from the beginning. The beautiful site that you see before you has come together in fits and starts with me acting as the happy guinea pig all along. Thus it is that my first post dates back to September of last year and my "inaugural" post came in December.

It so happens though, that this is my first post to the live site, so welcome again.

It seems appropriate, 6 months later to share an updated picture of the Cook Plus Fox green roof that I showed on my first time around saying welcome. As you can see even from the grainy low res picture, the roof has come a long way. I would even go so far to say that it's a pleasure to look at.

At the risk of repeating myself too much, I'll reiterate that I'm a senior policy analyst in NRDC's Air & Energy program and focus my time on clean energy technologies. For me this means energy efficiency and renewable energy primarily but also less polluting and more efficient fossil fuel technologies. I do my best to help policy makers understand what these technologies can and will enable us to do in terms of meeting our energy service needs while reducing our environmental footprint and what policies they need to adopt to get these technologies out there.

I spend the bulk of my time these days working on biofuels. They have incredible potential but are probably the hardest renewable energy to develop in an environmentally responsible way. To get a sense of our latest thinking on what's needed to get biofuels right, check out this fact sheet.

I hope you'll check back in regularly.

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