Blue About Air Pollution

We all get a little blue from time to time. I was pretty blue about the Senate’s failure to pass clean energy and climate legislation this summer.

But even that didn’t make me feel as blue as I will if we keep letting corporate polluters get away with dumping in the air we breathe.

Even though we’ve cleaned up our air a lot since the Environmental Protection Agency was started 40 years ago, we still have a lot of work to do. Millions of Americans still breathe air that is unhealthy, and thousands of polluters still enjoy loopholes that allow them to emit toxic and other dangerous pollutants.

But a powerful mix of polluters and some business organizations are pressuring members of Congress to stop the EPA from doing its job of protecting public health. We need to fight for the clean air we need and to make sure that the Environmental Protection Agency has the authority necessary to protect our public health.

So join me and our new campaign friend - we call him “Blue Guy” - as we make a teaser appearance this week at the Stewart/Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on Saturday – and on the back cover of the new National Journal Daily tomorrow.

Where will you see “Blue Guy” next? What does he want from you?

Keep your eyes peeled and look for Blue Guy and QR codes to see how you can help.

What is a QR code? Find out all about it here and then take your smart phone and scan the codes wherever you see them and join us as we fight for clean air for all Americans.

You can also keep up with “Blue Guy” at our campaign website