The Green Economy Keeps on Growing

America's overall economy may be stumbling today, but the emerging green economy here and abroad seems to be going great guns.   Just look at the growing evidence: 

The "Green New Deal" promoted by UNEP would use the process of tackling climate change to address a host of interrelated problems:  "These range from climate change; poverty; job creation for the 1.3 billion people under or unemployed and accelerating natural resource scarcity to the need to fuel and to feed six billion, rising to nine billion people by 2050."

Why is "green" the color of a new economy? One reason is that clean energy tends to be much more labor-intensive than traditional fossil-fuel based energy. A previously discussed report by economists at the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) found that investments in clean energy create nearly four times as many jobs as investments in oil production. So if we are looking to put people to work, clean energy is clearly the way to go.

So while the financial challenges facing the U.S. and the global economy are enormous, it is worth recognizing that a strong and growing green economy could be a significant source of relief.