The Green in the Stimulus is Creating Serious Clean Energy Jobs

The clean energy money in the stimulus package is already putting people to work, or back to work, in the case of a window factory in western Pennsylvania.

Six months ago, Kensington Windows shut its doors when its parent company - Jancor - lost its financing and filed for bankruptcy protection. 150 people were employed at the factory.

But with the clean energy provisions in the stimulus bill and growing interest in energy-efficiency, the market for energy efficiency windows is expected to heat up.

So earlier this year, Serious Materials - a national manufacturer of energy efficient windows - bought the Kensington plant and equipment, and earlier this week, officially re-opened the plant, where they have already started putting people back to work.

You may recall that Serious Materials is the company that bought the shut-down Republic Windows in Chicago, and is now putting those laid-off employees back to work as well.

Obviously we need a lot more cases like this to turn the country around, but while we wait on official government figures to document how well the stimulus is working, its useful to know that real people are being put back to work in the clean energy economy.