House subcommittee votes for Fred Upton's unlimited carbon pollution bill

It is official - members of the House Energy and Power subcommittee have just voted for the Asthma Aggravation Act - known officially as HR910.

As my colleague David Doniger explains, the bill - crafted by Chairman Upton and Senator Inhofe puts polluter profits ahead of public health by outlawing EPA efforts to reduce dangerous carbon pollution from power plants and other sources, arbitrarily throws out the judgment of the EPA's science experts, and puts new clean car standards at risk.

The Upton-Inhofe bill is unprecedented political interference with science and with enforcement of clean air safeguards, which have improved our air for the past four decades.  We have the clean energy technology to significantly reduce carbon pollution, just as we have with each other kind of life-threatening air pollution. 

The big polluters cannot be allowed to keep spewing unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into our air.  Politicians in Congress should not try to block EPA scientists from doing their job.  Responsible public officials need to stand up for clean air and the health of our families rather than joining with the big polluters.

NRDC statement is here.