Minnesota Businesses: The US Chamber Doesn't Speak for Us

Interesting developments from the North Star state: Apparently, some Minnesota businesses don't agree with the Chamber's position on climate any more than some Fortune 500 companies do.

As Minnesota Public Radio reports,

Some Minnesota businesses are opposing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce position on climate change legislation.

Four Minnesota companies say they're working with local chambers to encourage support for federal legislation.

As Finance and Commerce explained,

Local business executives speaking out included Doug Pierce, a senior associate at the Minneapolis office of architectural firm Perkins and Will; Dave Danielson, who works at Duluth environmental contracting firm Conservation Technologies, and Tom Gegax, founder of TiresPlus, who currently heads two investment and consulting firms.

The TwinCities Pioneer Press quoted one of the businesses:

"Before it was all about the environment," said Dave Danielsen, general manager of Conservation Technologies. "Now it's about good economics."

For more on the Chamber's Climate Credibility Crisis, check out WhoDoestheChamberRepresent.org?