Poll Questions for the US Chamber

The US Chamber's penetrating Facebook poll on current public policy issues -

Which piece of legislation is worse?

- The Health Care Reform Bills including a government-run plan

- The Climate Change Bill (Waxman-Markey Bill)

- Other

has brought to mind some additional poll questions we'd like to ask:

1. The US Chamber has:  

a. 3,000,000 members

b. 300,000 members

c. No idea because there is no way to verify it.


2. The Chamber's process for deciding climate policy alienates members who:

a. Thought that the Chamber's claim that there is an open, democratic process for deciding policy positions in a committee structure means that there actually is an open, democratic process for deciding policy positions in committee.

b. Didn't get the memo that the more money you contribute to the Chamber, the better the policy gets (from the perspective of the donors, that is.)

c. Disagree with the Chamber's position and were never consulted on its climate position.

d. All of the above.


3. The US Chamber's real position on clean energy and climate is:  

a. Sincere support for strong legislation that will create jobs, spur clean technology, and make America a leader for the 21st century while significantly reducing emissions; evidenced by the Chamber's thoughtful proposals on a wide array of specific aspects legislation must include.

b. Feigned support for legislation; evidenced by the US Chamber's words - including dumb Facebook polls - and deeds which appear to be intended to undermine Congressional action.

c. Whatever Chamber staff say it is, and if you don't like it, you know where the door is!


Answer key:

1: c. Seriously, does the US Chamber expect anyone to take its word on this?

2: d. I don't need to explain that, right?

3. Trick question - there are two correct answers: b & c.