US Chamber Quadruples Lobbying Activities; Sets Single-Quarter Record for Lobbying Congress

Third quarter lobby disclosure reports are in and the US Chamber of Commerce reports spending $34,690,000 during the 3rd quarter of 2009. That's more than quadruple its 2nd quarter lobbying spending and more than triple its 1st quarter lobbying spending.

The $34,690,000 expenditure is largest amount ever spent on lobbying in a single quarter since electronic records were established in 1999.

The US Chamber's lobbying spending for the year so far is $52,380,000. And for comparison, the US Chamber spent a total of $62.3 million during all of 2008, and $30.8 million during all of 2007.

The reports can be accessed at

Details: The amounts reported are for all issues the Chamber lobbied on.

Chamber lobbying, 1st qtr 2009: $9,996,000

Chamber lobbying, 2nd qtr 2009: $7,430,000

Chamber lobbying 3rd qtr 2009: $34,690,000

Where's all the money going to?

The WSJ reports today that

"An actual Chamber spokesman, J.P. Fielder, said the group remains as staunchly opposed as ever to the climate bill: the release is apparently the latest in a campaign against the group's climate stance by a youth environmental group."

Update: Roll Call and The Washington Examiner are reporting on the Chamber's record-breaking lobbying expenditures too.