Van Jones: Green Collar Minister for a Clean and Just Future

Van Jones is the nation's leading visionary calling for a social, economic and energy revolution driven by a massive effort to repower America's outdated and broken energy systems. A long-time advocate for helping those on society's lowest rungs to climb out of poverty, Van Jones' new book, The Green Collar Economy, charts the course to reversing economic and environmental injustice through a national commitment to repower our most impoverished communities with clean energy.  

This is one of the powerful reasons that Congress and the President need to consider and create comprehensive solutions that address the economy, our energy systems and the climate as a whole, as I've previously discussed, But how do we get them to do that?

The founder of Green for All, Mr. Jones makes the case that we must unite organized labor, social justice activists, environmentalists, students and people of faith in a combined and concerted advocacy effort, if we are to overcome the entrenched power of the oil, gas and coal companies and their supporters in Congress and the media.  This book is an essential read and strategy guide for all advocates of a clean and just future, and I am proud that NRDC is working with Green for All to make the vision a reality.