Washington Post Assails Chamber's Honesty and Credibility

Recently, when someone talks about the US Chamber of Commerce using words and phrases like "false," "dishonest," "blatant distortions," "the Chamber dishonestly portrays our position,"  "indifferent to the truth," "hostile to the business community," we've come to expect that yet another US Chamber member is distancing itself from the Chamber's position on climate.

But today, this strongly worded missive comes not from a US Chamber member, but from the Washington Post editorial page, which is furious at how the US Chamber is twisting the Post's own words to confuse voters about the Virginia race for Governor. 

And the Post is talking about transportation policy and taxes, not climate. But the language and characterization's of the US Chamber's conduct are pretty similar to what we've been hearing during the US Chamber's ongoing Climate Credibility Crisis.

What is most astonishing about the Chamber's ads is not that they twist a newspaper's editorial line for the Chamber's own purposes. It's that they are at odds with the interests of business itself -- supposedly, its own constituents.

Seems like a common theme lately, as the Post ends today's editorial with the statement "the Chamber has cast doubt on its own credibility."