Ever seen a solar energy spill? We call it "a nice day"

Albany billboard

We’re now in the home stretch on moving the New York Solar Industry Development and Jobs Act of 2010 to a vote; creating over 22,000 jobs and generating $20 billion of new economic activity here in New York State.  Still wondering what the New York solar bill is all about?  The video below, created by our good friends at Solar One, shows what it does and what it will accomplish.


How the New York Solar Industry Development and Jobs Act works. from Chris Neidl, Solar One

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Through a not-so-subtle, but friendly reminder to our legislators in Albany, we, along with our coalition partners—led by our close friends at the Vote Solar Initiative, have purchased a week’s worth of electronic billboard time at the primary junction of the three major highways into downtown Albany (actual photo below). 

Here are our favorite messages collected thus far (they will begin cycling today through next Wed, June 23):

Ever seen a solar energy spill? We call it “a nice day.”

The Red Sox installed solar on their ball park. Just saying.

Q: How many New Yorkers does it take to build a solar economy?
A: 22,198

It’s the new energy economy, stupid.

Solar: It’s actually a $30 billion global industry.  Please do not tell the hippies.

Cost-effective solar energy is just around the corner … Really.  This corner.  Exit here and pass the Solar Jobs Act.

The Solar Industry does $1 billion a year of business in New Jersey.  And they don’t like it any more than you do.

Don’t let 22,000 jobs be eclipsed by partisan politics.  Get it?  Eclipse!

Brighten up New York’s Economy and Your Voting District. Pass the Solar Jobs Act.

What about the huge, free nuclear power plant in the sky?  What if we just used that?

Need directions on arriving at a clean energy economy?  Fortunately there’s already an app for that: Solar

Get motivated by the guy who eats dirty fuels for breakfast!

If the opportunity to see your message on a billboard that thousands of motorists will see everyday isn’t enough motivation, check out the video below that I took this morning at a breakfast with Governor Schwarzenegger, sponsored by the Clean Economy Network

Send ‘em an email and give ‘em a call

Beyond telling us your most clever and catchy billboard messages, we're asking for just 2 minutes of your time and go to any one of our partners’ political action sites (Vote Solar or NY LCV) to tell your State legislators to support the bill.  Don’t live in NY?  Then pass this along to your friends and family who are residents of New York and ask them to help us!

Museum of Jewish Heritage

Museum of Jewish Heritage - 36 kW Solar Array - New York City.  Photo Source: altPOWER