Political differences aside, G. Beck credits local clean energy group as 'Miracle #1' for Wilmington, OH economic come back

Much to my surprise, Glenn Beck rightfully acknowledged Mark Rembert and Taylor Stuckert and their collective good work in starting up Energize Clinton County as "Miracle #1" for Wilmington, Ohio's economic come back.  Of course Mr. Beck doesn't miss a beat to take a dig at 'leftist', 'treehuggers types', but who really cares?  For their part, Mr. Rembert and Mr. Stuckert engaged Beck in a genuine and sincere dialogue and ultimately stole the show by capturing the true essence of the moment; extolling a true sense pride and confidence that we can re-achieve national greatness through the work we do in our daily lives when we know it's directed toward goals and outcomes that matter to our families, neighbors, communities and environment.  Key objectives such as a healthy environment; fair, local, and long-term balanced economic development; safe and walkable community development can simultaneously happen for the benefit of all of us when we're willing to put our minds to it.  

(For non-Beck viewers, I've briefly paraphrased the dialogue below. Alternatively, if you care to watch the embedded video, skip to minute 28.)

Beck: "Taylor and Mark, you wouldn't necessarily agree with me on stuff."

Audience laughs

Stuckert: "We agree that Wilmington is a very special place"

Beck: [Rants narcissistically about himself coming to Wilmington and being a politically 'polar opposite' with Mr. Stuckert and Mr. Rembert.  Blah, blah, jab 'the left' , and finally ends rant.] "I talk politics, it's what I do, but I think it's bigger than that. I think our solutions are going to need to be bigger than that. Here's Miracle number one. ... Taylor and Mark got involved on this project . . . because what?

Rembert: "We love Wilmington. ... We believe in this story, this idea, that Wilmington really is a model for the nation.  For two years, we've been working as hard as we can to try to help share that story."