Shhh! Glenn Beck doesn't know he's promoting a green, sustainable-focused local economy that's effectively using government incentives

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A little over a year and a half ago, I blogged about two budding, inspirational American entrepreneurs, Mark Rembert and Taylor Stuckert, who started a green, buy-local economic development organization for the benefit of their hometown Wilmington, OH called Energize Clinton County

Since that time, Rembert and Stuckert have have gone on to do more interviews with the likes of Fast Company and the New York Times. Their resume of accomlishments to-date shows why they deserve recognition.  They have helped develop three renewable energy projects, provided an avenue for local businesses to get free energy efficiency studies and take advantage of energy efficiency implementation incentives, a buy-local promotional program, a local farmers market, a higher-ed fellowship community service program, and developing and utilizing nature and park trails, to name just a few. 

They've done such a great job in short period of time--through the midst of a recession like no other--that the results from their efforts caught the likes of Glenn Beck, who strolled into Wilmington yesterday.  Stuckert, in an interview on the local public radio station, 91.3 WYSO, said this of Mr. Beck's visit:

Stuckert says no matter the politics of a figure like Glenn Beck, Wilmington stands to benefit from the national attention. And as far as the comparison to "It's Wonderful Life", he's OK with that, too.
"It's a Wonderful Life was one of my favorite movies growing up," says Stuckert, "I sense some irony that Potter was a banker and not the government. But I think the story that comes out to me is the story that we've been trying to preach here, too. It's about a community working together."

As we all know by now Beck brings along a huge gathering of both personal supporters and dissenters, and ultimately that means big media attention.  While I personally find most of Beck's messages on government highly misguided and myopic, he does make an agreeable call to the spirit of entrepreneurship that we should re-embrace as a uniquely American value.  Entrepreneurship in the spirit of a healthy environment, livable communities, and robust economy for future generations is the higher calling that Rembert and Stuckert are showing is indeed possible.  Keep up the great work guys, even if Mr. Beck 'forgets' to acknowledge it!