A headshot of Ramya Sivasubramanian Ramya Sivasubramanian

Managing Director, Equity & Justice Partner Support, Environment, Equity & Justice Center

Ramya Sivasubramanian leads NRDC’s Equity & Justice Partner Support team, which partners with frontline groups to advance community-driven and community-led efforts to protect health and the environment and build local power. The team provides legal, scientific, and policy support to communities of color and low-income communities in their fights for environmental justice and helps support NRDC’s ability to work with frontline partners. 

Sivasubramanian has worked alongside community partners to provide legal and policy support to their efforts on a number of fronts, including combating freight-related air pollution and toxic contamination, documenting and addressing disparate air quality and urban heat burdens, and advancing equitable parks, affordable housing, and transportation models. She has expertise using a range of environmental and civil rights laws to ensure that communities are not disproportionately burdened by environmental harms—and that they get their fair share of environmental, economic, and other benefits, with healthy and safe places to live, recreate, and work. 

Prior to joining NRDC in 2014, Sivasubramanian served as assistant director and counsel for the City Project, a small nonprofit organization leveraging civil rights laws to fight for equitable access to parks and healthy communities for low-income people of color in Los Angeles. She also worked for the National Wildlife Federation, as well as in private practice, and conducted international research with low-income rural communities to assess sustainable development projects. Sivasubramanian received both her undergraduate and law degrees from Georgetown University. She is based in NRDC’s Santa Monica office.

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