Coming Soon: Mountaintop Removal TV Ad

It's time for a national television commercial about mountaintop removal coal mining. 

Fortunately, there is a commercial ready to roll out -- all that is needed is the money to purchase air time.  You can help.  First, watch the ad:

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This TV commercial is based on the infamous Lyndon Johnson "Daisy" ad from the early 1960's, considered one of the most controversial political advertisements ever made.  The similarity between the two ads is eery -- and totally intentional. 

Mountaintop removal, an extreme strip mining practice, has leveled hundreds of Appalachian peaks, clearcut forests, destroyed thousands of miles of streams and poisoned drinking water in communities throughout southern West Virginia, southwestern Virginia, northeastern Tennessee and eastern Kentucky.

With this ad the Alliance for Appalachia intends to send an unmistakable message to federal politicians that more and more citizens all across America are demanding the abolishment of the world's worst coal mining.  Enough of the blasting, polluting and contaminating of the lands, forests, and waterways of Appalachia.  Enough with the systematic eradication of the culture and heritage of coalfield communities.  Airing this ad will bring much-needed national attention to the issue and help galvanize momentum to end mountaintop removal once and for all.

So please take a moment to watch the ad and donate to the cause.  Visit the Alliance's website to learn more.

And in case you're wondering the identity of the familiar voice narrating the ad, it's none other than actress Ashley Judd

A Kentucky native, Judd is a long-time activist who has partnered with the Natural Resources Defense Council and other allies to raise national awareness and inspire others to join the fight to end mountaintop removal.  In fact, NRDC has arranged for her to speak about her efforts at a National Press Club luncheon on June 9.  The luncheon begins at 12:30 p.m.  Please join us.  Reserve tickets at (202) 662-7501 or