Dave Matthews: "Music has a way of turning people's heads."

For those who didn't catch Dave Matthews and an all-star cast of performers at NRDC's Music Saves Mountains concert in Nasvhille last month, you're in luck.  Before the show we interviewed Dave backstage and he had a lot of great things to say about the cause.

Some choice snippets from the video below: 

 "I think defending the environment is maybe becoming our greatest call to arms."

"With mountaintop removal it's gone to this whole different level, this aggressive, ambitious wholescale destruction of the landscape...It just needs to be stopped.  It's unforgivable behavior."

"The mountains of Appalachia are so lovely, it's like no other place on the planet."

"We allow greed to have the loudest voice far too often and all too often we let that go on for too long."

"Music has a way of turning people's heads." 

Dave also has a few choice words for Massey Energy too.  Enjoy!