The Global Warming Bargument

I’m a firm believer in Ben Franklin’s maxim: “Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” And I enjoy a lively debate as much as anyone. So what do you get when you mix beer and arguments? Bar brawls maybe, but I'm talking about a brilliant cocktail known as a “bargument.”

This cheeky buzzword – defined by the Urban Dictionary as “a debate on any subject which takes place in a bar and is primarily caused by just the right amount of booze” – is the subject of a clever new book, appropriately titled Barguments. Who wouldn’t enjoy downing a couple-three micro-brews and pondering such age-old questions as:

“Who wins a fight between a Tyrannosaurus Rex and five angry Grizzly Bears?” (T-Rex)

“Could John and Ponch arrest the Duke boys?” (Nope)

“Best ‘brothers’ band of all-time?” (Allman)

Why not apply this entertaining concept to the energy debate? Sure, it’s a serious issue that requires thoughtful analysis and thorough study. But, heck, talking about work stuff might just give us the excuse we need to knock off early for Happy Hour.

So, there is your challenge: Start a bargument over global warming.