King Coal by any other name.

It looks like changing your name is the new trend in the coal industry. A few weeks ago I wrote about ABEC (American’s for Balanced Energy Choices) changing their name to ACCCE (American Coalition for Clean Coal Energy), and if you thought that was a mouthful wait until you read this. Today comes news that ABECC (Americans for Burning Every Chunk of Coal), whom I wrote about last month has changed their name to ACCCCCCC (Americans Cashing Checks from Coal Companies 'Cause Coal is Cool), whew!

Look, the coal industry can come up with benign sounding names for anything. What they call surface mining is really Mountain Top Removal. What they call overburden is really the tops of mountains.  When they dump rock, waste and debris into valleys they call it fill. Their so-called sludge ponds are actually cesspools containing millions, and sometimes billions of gallons of toxic mining pollution.

So don’t let the name change fool ya’. King Coal by any other name, is really just the same.