Mountaintop Mining Motivational Posters?

I think I'm about to start a trend.  Trust me, once you finish reading this you'll be hooked. 

A friend recently informed me about this website, which allows you to create your own wall "art" like those ubiquitous and often insipid motivational posters adorning offices in Corporate America.  They just scream for parody.  So, in just a few short minutes and with the click of my mouse I created a couple of posters of my own. 

In case this one's not exactly clear, it's a take-off on my favorite soft drink.  (Ironically, I've learned that Mountain Dew has a new flavor: "Baja Blast".)

And, of course, this is why we fight -- to save America's oldest mountains, which were 400 million years in the making and too precious to be plundered:

Wouldn't these look great hanging on the walls at EPA and other agencies with oversight over mountaintop removal coal mining?  A good gift for environmental regulators everywhere!